We specialise in supplying experienced and well-trained staff

Whether you are in need of healthcare professionals, locums or carers then allow us to be your first point of contact.

Whether your organisation is linked to the healthcare industry, oil industry etc. or if you represent a private family / individual, we are ready to help and organise your staffing and employment affairs.

We believe in supplying highly experienced and trained staff. When you need emergency cover, you need someone who can perform in any type of situation / environment and support the other staff.
We can supply staff at short notice, or you can book long-term as per your requirements.
We are a valuable source of cost-free permanent staff to our clients. We put great emphasis on delivering high value at low cost.

Disclosure and Baring Service

Arcadia is an Umbrella Body for undertaking Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) checks for nursing homes, nursing agencies, domiciliary care providers and other relevant organisations.

We can save you time and help conserve funds. Please call the Office for details.


Arcadia is different to other agencies because we care about the people we work with. Whether you are an organisation or a healthcare professional, we value everyone with kindness and respect.

We strive to bring you simplicity.

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