Candidate Screening

All our candidates have the high levels of skill, knowledge and initiative needed to hit the ground running in a new environment – we know it takes a special type of person, and we have the skill to attract the best.

Our Candidate Vetting Procedures meet and exceed the NHS Employers guidelines, UK legal requirements and those set out by our various framework partners. The following are completed for every candidate that works with us

  • Full Employment History
  • Qualifications verified at source
  • Qualifications obtained and verified at source
  • Professional Registration sighted & verified
  • Verification of Identity
  • Immigration Status
  • Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS )
  • Health Screening / full immunisation history checks
  • Detailed Candidate Feedback Reports

As a private company operating in the public sector, we fully acknowledge our social responsibility and adhere to meticulous vetting and quality procedures.

In addition, we operate under detailed Policies & Procedures to ensure quality of service and are fully compliant in line with our clients requirements.